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Bahria Sports City Karachi Project Details – Ups and Down


Bahria Sports City Karachi

Bahria Sports city Karachi is situated between precincts 34 and 45, plots in Bahria Sports City were launched in January 2016. Bahria Sports City was a unique initiative even by Bahria Town standards as it offered plots and villas on a four-year payment plan and, as its name suggests, extensive sports facilities were to be included in it.

Bahria Sports City Project Details

Bahria Sports City comprises of 11 precincts from Precinct 34 to Precinct 45. Precincts 34 to 37 are more popular and have garnered greater investment. It is these plots which have direct access to Jinnah Avenue, and are situated quite near the cricket stadium. These precincts have also seen more development since precinct 35 is where villas are located and these are to be developed and constructed by Bahria Town themselves.

The story of ups and downs

Despite its rather exclusive character, its story has been that of ups and downs. It was expected to create an investment frenzy, but it didn’t quite work out that way and its market was relatively slow at first because of its high prices. Then, when development here began in earnest and people saw how extensive its development was going to be and saw the value of the location of some of its precincts, the interest surged there.

Part of the reason for that surge was the launch of Bahria Paradise, Bahria Paradise’s plots were thought to be high-priced as well, while Bahria Sports City’s plots had justified themselves in the meanwhile and people found it a lucrative option to consider for investment.

Now, the market is relatively dull. The prices which had risen very high, are reduced. The general situation throughout several precincts is that the prices have gone below their launching prices except in Precinct 34, which is still doing pretty well.

The reason behind this, according to us, is that there have been some land issues in Bahria Sports City. The situation is unclear to what is the nature of these issues or how much it has affected the market or the development and it is going to take time before the situation becomes clear.

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