DHA Bahawalpur Officail Balloting Result Update – Expected Development charges and Prices

DHA Bahawalpur Officail Balloting Result Update – Expected Development charges and Prices

Finally DHA have announced confirm ballot date as 31 January, 2019. Result will be online at DHA Bahawalpur official website and DHA Bahawalpur App on 1st February, 2019 as per DHA newspaper ad. If can if you are having any issue regarding ballot result, you may send your details (Your complete name, Your CNIC number, Your allocation number) at our WhatsApp hotline +923224929992

Currently DHA Bahawalpur developing Sector A, B, C rapidly. Major features includes Theme Park, DHA Office Complex (6 Story), DHA Club, DHA Shopping Mall, Medical College, NDU & Numl University and many more. Partial possession is expected in next 6 month to 1 year. Almost 60% to 65% people will be adjusted in current ballot in under developed blocks. Ballot will held for all updated files and allocation files till 30 January, 2019. Sector A, B are primarily located at Jinnah Avenue, whereas Sector C is located behind Sector A & B. Details of Sectors are as under:

Sector A – surrounded by Jinnah Avenue 250 feet, Iqbal Avenue 250 feet, Abbasi Avenue 150 feet

Sector B – surrounded by Jinnah Avenue 250 feet, Iqbal Avenue 250 feet, Abbasi Avenue 150 feet, Edhi Avenue 150 feet

Sector C – Iqbal Avenue 250 feet, Abbasi Avenue 150 feet, Edhi Avenue 150 feet

Sector A:
Total Plots – 1500
Commercial – 323
Area – 392 Acres

Sector B:
Total Plots – 1632
Commercial – 237
Area – 419 Acres

Sector C:
Total Plots – 2710
Commercial – 393
Area – 280 Acres

There will be approx 10 Sectors in upcoming ballot. All 2 Kanal plots will be allocated in A block. 1 Kanal plots will be allotted in current ballot in Sector A, B, D, and F (Sector A, B, and C map will be online after ballot, remaining Sectors Map will be likely to available in Feb or March 2019). Development is going to be started for Sector F soon. 2 Sectors are only for 10 Marla. Sector C is specific for 10 Marla Plot size. Other Sector for 10 Marla is Sector E. Most of the people will get 10 Marla plot in Sector C and E.

Development work is started for Sector E also. All Villas are allocated in Sector D.

All commercial plots will be allocated in under developed sectors A, B, C. Next ballot is expected in next 3 to 6 month. There is reserve amount of plots in all sectors for next ballot. All down payment paid plots have been cancelled and will be refunded. All short paid plots will be also balloted but plot number will be given after complete payment.

Customer facilitation center is under construction at site. Marketing office will be shifted at site in container office after ballot. Arrangement for site visit will be available at site. Marketing campaign will be started after ballot for next 3 month.

Development work for remaining 4 Sectors will be started in current year. These new upcoming Sectors will have better location and near to Canal. We have already shared the number of successful applicants in booking ballot held in November, 2015:
DHA Bahawalpur Booking Ballot Result Break Up (November 2015):
Total 1 Kanal Plots: 1279
Total 10 Marla Plots: 5192
Total Plots: 6471

Post Ballot Expected Rates:
Overall price range for 1 Kanal may vary between 35 to 55 lacs, where category Plots like Facing MB, Park, Theme Park, Corner extra can be demanded between 45 to 55 lacs as per location in top Sectors. Where as 10 Marla price range may vary between 25 to 40 lacs as per location and Sector. After successful event like Musical Concert and upcoming events at site in Feb and March will definitely attract the local buyer.

Development charges will be started approx after 3 month to give some time for trade in market. All remaining affidavits files and intimations files will be added in next ballot.

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